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DeafDigest – 18 March 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 18, 2020

— big reason for TV captions

A hearing man loves watching British police
mystery programs on American TV. He was able to
follow the plot thanks to captions – because
he had a hard time understanding British
accent by voice! Without captions he would
be badly lost.


— The drone and the deaf

Today, Popular Mechanics ran a story that said:

Police are using drones to yell at people for being outside

DeafDigest is worried that Police Drones could yell at
the deaf people who were outside, while they were
supposed to be inside? What would the police do
if it happens; it can be that scary!


— Interpreter’s facial expressions

How important are interpreter’s facial
expressions? Very important. Just one example –
a well known Washington, DC metro area
interpreter was not able to get a new
interpreting job – even though his ASL
skills were superior to other applicants.
Reason – he had no facial expressions; his
face was stone-blank even though he signed
beautifully. A spokesperson for an
interpreting agency said they look for
facial expressions in all interpreter


Deaf jobs – latest update

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