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DeafDigest – 23 March 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 23, 2020

— TV executive’s comment on commercials

A TV executive said that many ad agencies
do not create more ads that include sign
language. Either these agencies feel
deaf market is too small or are afraid
sign language ads would turn off TV
viewers that are hearing.


— deaf device in comic book about supervillains

Tartarus #2 is a comic book that covers evil
deeds of these supervillains. The deaf
device in that comic book story is a
sign to speech glove. Deaf? Well, the
character using the sign to speech glove
is not deaf!


— the deaf physicist and the interpreter

A deaf physicist was interviewed in a newspaper
story. He said that many interpreters, not familiar
physics, may mangle a phrase during interpretation.
As a result this deaf physicist would prefer
working with the intepreter at least a month
in advance to perfect these signs during
lectures, conferences and workshops. CART,
however was not mentioned in the interview!


— this just-in announcement

Eric Kaika is the new CEO of TDI. He replaces
long-time, and retiring CEO Claude Stout.



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