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DeafDigest – 25 March 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 25, 2020

— the deaf and the money

A financial advisor, who is not deaf, said:

The deaf need savings, credit, insurance,
and investments

We do have a few financial advisors that
are deaf. It is not enough, unfortunately
to cover these national deaf communities.
As a result, many deaf people go to hearing
financial advisors, and even with
interpreters, they leave the financial
offices somewhat unsatisfied!


— interpreters’ 20 minutes

Normally interpreter team members rotate
every 20 minutes. Always that way? An
interpreter said – it all depends. Some
speakers are slow paced, making it easier
on interpreters; the same goes for people
in the audience being slow paced. Yet –
there is a limit and one hour is the absolute


— cannot copy Deaf Smith

Deaf Smith is well known for having a Texas
county named after him. He fought for Texas
in the Mexican revolt during the 1830’s.
There have been movies about Deaf Smith,
and the funny thing is that actors playing
the deaf hero do not have to look the
same as him! And there has never been
a deaf actor playing a Deaf Smith role.
It was always hearing actors.



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