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DeafDigest – 26 March 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 26, 2020

— wearing a cape or not

An interpreter said:

Not all heroes wear capes

This is an unusual comment; many
people, including interpreters, work
in important professions, but we do
not always consider them heroes. These
heroes are those that jump into burning
buildings to save lives. Interpreters
do not jump into burning buildings.
They interpret important things the
deaf people need to know.


— movies involving Deaf Smith

Steve Baldwin, who is deaf and is the
nation’s #1 authority on Deaf Smith,
said there were about 10 movies that had
Deaf Smith roles. And these “Deaf Smith”
actors were either terrible or phonies.
The best Deaf Smith actor was in the
movie – Texas Rising. Those that want to
know all about Deaf Smith can go to, courtesy
of Steve Baldwin.


— deaf denied a job in prison industry administration

The California Prison Industry Authority
oversees over 100 industries in 35 state
prisons. A deaf person applied for an
administrative job and was turned dwon because
of his deafness. They said it is a dangerous
work environment for a deaf person. He filed
a lawsuit and won and the prison industry
group promised not to let it happen again.



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