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DeafDigest – 01 April 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 1, 2020

— not realizing that an interpreter is needed

Deaf people expect interpreters to be available.
Many hearing people do not realize that deaf people
are always expecting interpreters. This was a comment
an interpreter made during a newspaper interview.


— becoming late-hearing

A deaf activist that attends a hearing college said:

Most deaf wouldn’t choose to be hearing even if the
opportunity presented itself

Is he correct? Don’t know. If a person has been
deaf all his life and then all of a sudden he
becomes hearing, it is not easy to adjust to the
hearing world. There was a movie about a blind
man, suddenly able to see. He struggled about
his new vision and became uncomfortable with his
new vision world. He then chose to become blind again!
Sorry, DeafDigest editor cannot remember the
movie title as he saw it a long time ago.


— possible scary lockdown order

In the metro Washington, DC area, police officers
have been enforcing the rule that everyone must
stay home. They drive police cars and shout these
orders via horns. What if a deaf person (shopping
for groceries or walking the dog or walking to a
pharmacy) cannot hear the police warnings? Very scary!



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