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DeafDigest – 08 April 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 8, 2020

— Deaf Zoom vs Deaf Google Hangouts

Who wins – Deaf Zoom vs Deaf Google Hangouts?

Well, it was said that Deaf Google Hangouts
can carry captions while Zoom has these serious
hacking issues! Just beware, make sure you
have a I/T expert around before this stuff
is installed.


— sign language and captions blocking each other

Deaf people watch many news programs that have
both sign language interpreters in one corner
and captions, anywhere on the screen – top or
middle or bottom. There is always this concern
that captions would block sign langauge. Years
way back DeafDigest served on the NCI Consumer
Advisory group – deaf people in that group
all complained that captions and football
scores would block out each other. The NCI
response was that this problem was “impossible”
to be solved!


— interpreters wearing face masks

it is a big nightmare for the deaf when interpreters
wear face masks. Cannot lipread. Cannot see
facial expressions. Cannot see nothing. Just hope
all interpreters will use see-through masks
instead of these masks that block the faces.



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