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DeafDigest – 10 April 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 10, 2020

— not really a self-taught interpreter

A newspaper headline ran like this:

Meet the self-taught ASL interpreter

Self taught? In an interview the
interpreter said he taught himself
ASL by reading these ASL books.
He later became friends with two
ASL-signing deaf individuals and
learned much of ASL from them.
Even without formal certification
he became an interpreter. Fortunately
he became certified and is still


— “A Quiet Place” movie title makes no sense

The title of that widely acclaimed
Deaf Movie – A Quiet Place – makes no sense
according to a movie critic. Deaf people
can use voice even though hearing people
do not understand what they are saying;
deaf people can scream and yell, and all
hearing people know what it is. And
when deaf people furiously use their
signs in anger, they are not quiet!


— a Texas Ranger hall of famer

Texas Rangers (not baseball) is sort of
same as a state bureau of investigation.
It investigates serious crimes that took
place in the state. Anyway there is a
Texas Ranger Hall of Fame, honoring its
best fighters and investigators. One
of the hall of famers is John Coffee Hays,
who is not deaf. While learning to become
a Ranger, he has thanked Deaf Smith
for mentoring him with these tricks.


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