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DeafDigest – 13 April 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 13, 2020

— Netflix’s Crip Camp

Netflix has come up with a new movie – Crip
Camp, a documentary film about a Disability
Revolution. Part of the film focused on the
504 sit-in rally in 1977 in the lobby of the
HEW secretary Joseph Califano. The congress
passed the 504 regulations but Califano, for
reasons of his own, would not have his
people write up the rules, regulations and
procedures. This led the late Terrence J. O’Rourke,
himself deaf and president of American Coalition
of Citizens with Disabilities, to stage a
sit-in. A segment showed O’Rourke giving
a speech at the rally, and one of the sit-in
participants was the DeafDigest editor, as a
young man 43 years ago. A subscriber saw the
documentary and alerted DeafDigest editor
to it.


— communicating with deaf through face masks

Deaf people hate face masks for obvious
reasons. Could hearing people with these
face masks communicate with the deaf?
Yes – they must write notes, use gestures,
use body language. The problem is that
many hearing people either don’t or haven’t
thought of these communication tricks.


— much better public awarenesss of interpreters

Many past TV updates of 9/11 attacks, Hurricane
Katrina and others were not interpreted. Times
have changed – current profile of interpreters
have increased positively because of these regular
TV announcements. This leads to a hope that
public perception of people that are deaf
are much more positive!



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