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DeafDigest – 16 April 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 16, 2020

— these last minute interpreting assignments

An interpreter said that he got a last
minute assignment request from a
fellow interpreter. He got the phone
call at 8:45 AM to rush to the 9:20 AM
assignment. Reason for the last minute
request was the first interpreter was
stuck in a bad traffic jam and knew
he couldn’t make it at 9:20 AM!


— a law firm or a public relations firm

Is it the changing of times that a personal
complaint would get a response from a law
firm instead of a public relations firm?
A deaf person wrote to local TV station
concerning lack of captions on a local
news program. In the past the public
relations firm would respond to the
complaint. This time the deaf person
got a response from the TV station’s
law firm! The attorney basically said
the same thing that a PR firm would
say. Oh, well.


— deaf cashier solves customers’ mask issues

A story surfaced today about Matthew Simmons,
a deaf cashier at Trader Joe’s. Normally he
would lip read customers’ comments, but
their masks prevented him from lip reading.
He solved the problem by wearing the T-shirt
that said “I’m deaf” on front and “tap on
the shoulder” on the back. Quickly – problem
solved; everyone is happy!


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