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DeafDigest – 27 April 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 27, 2020

— captions or sign language on TV news (or both)

There was a story about deaf people watching captioned
news to keep up with Covid-19 updates and that some
words (or sentences) were garbled. What about news in
sign language? Well, an interpreter asked – how do
you sign “don’t drink bleach?” This is not a joke!


— 2nd place in a big TV race

DeafDigest mentioned a while ago that a deaf man
participateted in the made-for-British-TV
Race Across The World 2020. The deaf man,
Rob, finished runner ups while partnering with
his wife.


— that many deaf actors

The Deaf West Theatre is a rarity, a long
surviving deaf theatrical group – on par
with the National Theatre of the Deaf.
Other deaf theatrical groups, sadly, have
been shortlived. Anyway, when Deaf West Theatre
makes plans for a new theatrical play, they
have a roster of 200-250 deaf actors they could
ask to come over for an audition! That many?


Deaf jobs – latest update

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