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DeafDigest – 28 April 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 28, 2020

— 75 different sounds deaf cannot hear

A manufacturer of a new device said it will
capture 75 different sounds that the deaf
people cannot hear but will tell them of
microwave ringing, shattered glass, etc.
Just wondering – many hearing people tune
out these sounds every day, all the time.
Will the deaf tune out these alerting
sounds – and only pay attention to the
most important sounds – baby cry,
someone knocking on the door, etc?


— many deaf actors don’t listen to Marlee

In a speech some time ago, Marlee Matlin had
this advice for deaf actors wanting to make
it in Hollywood – must get an agent.
A deaf person, pretty much knowledgeable
with the entertainment world, said that
there are great many deaf actors that
don’t have an agent! Why?


— Boris is getting same old complaint

Deaf people have complained that the White
House does not provide interpreters.
It was also learned that Boris Johnson,
the British Prime Minister does not have
interpreters for speeches that he gives.
London and Washington, DC speeches both
equally not interpreted? Sigh!



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