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DeafDigest – 30 April 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 30, 2020

— good acting assignments for deaf actress we never heard of

Deaf people that follow the theater and the TV may have
never heard of Marsha Vae Goeken, who is deaf. Even
deaf people that work in Hollywood also have never
heard of her. She gets her share of roles for one
important reason – she holds a union card as a member
of Actors’ Equity Association and the Screenwriters
Guild of America.


— a deaf joke hearing not appreciate

A deaf employer always joked that his
hearing employees were selectively-deaf.
He did not realize it for a long time
that his hearing employees hated that
“joke.” Partly for that reason, an
important hearing employee quit her
job after working for him for a long


— EEOC tells employers to provide deaf with see-thru masks

For obvious reasons, deaf people have problems with hidden-lips
masks. The EEOC has just issued guidelines that require
employers to provide deaf with see-thru masks. For the
deaf that have returned to the work place, this is great



Deaf jobs – latest update

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