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DeafDigest – 04 May 2020


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 4, 2020

— deaf man with his oil drilling tricks

A deaf man worked all his life as a rig
driller (of oil fields). Since he couldn’t
hear, he relied on his tricks – feeling
the vibrations to know what to do
while drilling. He just had to be
careful – a vibration error would have
led to an oil field disaster. But it
never happened to him and he worked
on oil rigs all over USA.


— the always colorful Richard Coppola

Richard Coppola departed us; he was a legend
as a Gallaudet student during the early sixties.
After graduating he settled in Philadelphia,
raising a family while pulling down a full time
job. His #1 idol was Elvis Presley; his daughter
Marie is a well-known linguist at University of
Connecticut; his home living room had 4 TV’s
even during the days of no captions; he would be
reading the newspaper while at the same time
scanning all these TV sets; took his family on
a 42-day, 48 states vacation trip enroute to
1985 Deaflympics in Los Angeles, the car totaling
13,760 miles in all; he would watch 3 or 4
captioned films per week. Could any other
deaf person top his act? Probably not!


— deaf schools as recommended tourist sites

Tourists love to travel and to tour, but would
they normally tour schools for the deaf? No –
but during the mid-1850’s,  recommended
tourist sites were institutions for the deaf.
Deaf students more interesting for tourists
as opposed to hearing students? Dunno, but
the Pamplin Historical Park, Petersburg, VA
Park, has these 1850’s travel tourist guides!



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