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DeafDigest – 05 May 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 5, 2020

— choice: see-thru mask or no mask

There are some interpreters that wear
see-thru masks; again, there are some
interpreters that wear no masks.
Not sure if see-thru masks is a perfect
idea – but deaf people all hate masked


— tired of Zoom

Deaf people have been using Zoom during Covid-19
lockdowns. Already there are tales of people
getting tired of Zoom – hard to lipread; hard to
catch rapid signing-ASL; up and down connections, etc.
If Zoom is not the best then what is the best?


— uh, the CI is missing

There was a story of a hospital operating
room accidentally leaving stuff inside
the patient – such as sponnges, drain tubes,
and even CI! And in these cases some of the
lost stuff were not found until at least
six months later. The CI is a mystery –
because if a deaf patient discovers,
after the operation that his CI is
missing, then the doctors and nurses
would be alerted to it?



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