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DeafDigest – 06 May 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 6, 2020

— sign language: verbal or non-verbal

Is there a difference between a verbal
sign language and a non-verbal sign
language? A newspaper interview touched
on this subject. Verbal sign language
is ASL. Non-verbal sign language
is not ASL but contains signs that
everyone understands – thumbs up;
OK; thumbs down, etc. Is it same as
Gesture Sign Language? Something for
linguists to get into a hot debate
over this issue!


— a message on a Deaf Mask

A deaf employee at a work place was
required to wear a mask. This led to serious
communication problems. To solve this
problem, he wrote on the mask:

I am deaf. I read lips. I know sign
language. I can write notes with you.

Presto, problem solved!


— no two deaf clubs are the same

A deaf person that belongs to several deaf
clubs said that no two deaf clubs are the
same. He said that in one club, the
members want to play cards or table
games, whereas in another club, the
members want to discuss politics
(both deaf politics and hearing politics).



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