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DeafDigest – 08 May 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 8, 2020

— first language or second language

Few weeks ago a hearing interpreter said ASL is
her first language. Yesterday another hearing
interpreter said ASL is her second language.
Which language is first and which is second?


— comment by a deaf activist

A deaf activist was quoted as saying:

My deafness does not isolate me. People isolate me.


— a reason for “deaf” in computer system

South Carolina has a new law, that allows the deaf
to tell the state of their deafness. The word “deaf”
will be entered into the system. During traffic
stops, police officers would then know driver is
deaf – and therefore no unpleasant surprises.
This is important. DeafDigest editor was stopped
by police in Washington, DC. The police officer
did not know the driver was deaf, and panicked,
calling 4 or 5 police cars as back ups! This was
a humiliating situation. Making things worse, the
police officer never asked for an interpreter.
That was why the DC government quickly threw out the
traffic ticket.



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