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DeafDigest – 11 May 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 11, 2020

— interpreting issues and concerns do not involve the deaf

There was a newspaper story about deaf people upset that
they are not asked for input when there are issues regarding
interpreting matters and concerns. Said a deaf activist:

we feel invisible


— human captioning and AI captioning

Ai-Media, from Australia, announced it has
purchased Alternative Communications Services,
an American captioning service. In their
press release, Ai-Media said it combines
human intelligence with artificial intelligence
to provide highly accurate, low-cost captions.
Really? Time will tell. What will Ai-Media
say if we catch some of their captioning
bloopers? Expensive captions means no
bloopers. Inexpensive captions means bloopers.



— cleaning up a small town drain

A small town cleaned up its drain; a lot of junk
was pulled up and thrown out. One of the stuff
in the drain was a hearing aid. Either a hearing
aid user accidentally pushed it into the drain
or was thrown in on purpose. Throwing away
a hearing aid that costs a few thousand dollars!



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