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DeafDigest – 13 May 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 13, 2020

— must cast a deaf actress or else

Do directors tell their studios that they
must cast deaf actresses or else? This
was what John Krasinski, the director
of the movie – A Quiet Place – told them.
That was the reason why Millicent Simmonds,
a deaf actress, was cast! It didn’t matter
to Krasinski that he knew nothing about
the deaf or of Deaf Culture or of deafness.
He just want her cast. How many Hollywood
directors have the courage that Krasinski
had? Maybe practically none.


— patience, patience and patience says the Deaf Triplets

Deaf Kuhn Triplets (Chris, Craig and Curt), all employed
at Illinois School for the Deaf, were interviewed in a
newspaper story. They agreed on one thing – patience,
patience and patience when trying to communicate with the
hearing while wearing these face masks. Ain’t easy,
they all said. Yes, it is the same Kuhn triplets that
graduated from Gallaudet and played baseball and
football together. They were one of the nation’s
most publicized collegiate baseball players, hitting
quite a few media outlets during their time years back.


— the hearing foreman and the deaf employees

There was an obit in one of today’s newspapers
about a long time foreman in a factory
tht employed the deaf. It said he learned
signs to communicate with them and they all
became friends. DeafDigest editor has a
question, never mind sign language and
friendships – did the foreman promote
the deaf to better factory positions or
gave them pay raises? No one likes to
work at dead-end, low pay jobs, be it
in the factory or in the office.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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