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DeafDigest – 14 May 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 14, 2020

— deaf people wanting to buy houses

A real estate advisor said that deaf people that
want to buy houses need to use the services
of a deaf realtor or ASL-fluent realtor.
True – but not every major city has a
deaf realtor or ASL-fluent realtor!


— suggested reading for the deaf, books on body language

To avoid boredom during the Pandemic quarantine, there
was a suggestion – read books on body language so that
deaf people would know which hearing people discriminate
against them. Some hearing people may not say a word but
their anti-deaf body language may speak volumes!


— hearing afraid of deaf drivers

Are hearing drivers afraid of deaf drivers?
There was a story in a newspaper in the
Philippines about hearing drivers being
afraid of deaf drivers! They see the “DEAF”
word on their license plants and know the
driver is deaf. As a result, they drive
away from the deaf, even if it means
high speed on the highways just to
avoid the deaf. It is hard to believe.



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