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DeafDigest – 18 May 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 18, 2020

— “ADA” all over the world

USA has one of the world’s strongest ADA laws. What
about other nations? The Disability Rights Education
and Defense Fund said that exactly 181 nations have
their own “ADA” laws. Keep in mind some of these
laws are strong, and some are just a joke!


— probably will not happen in USA

DeafDigest has mentioned that character Ben Mitchell
has become late-deafened because of an accident in
an EastEnders boating scene. The British producers
have worked with a deaf agency to introduce things
in the upcoming programs that deaf people know, that
hearing people do not realize – sign language, captions,
interpreters, flashing signalers, deaf-friendly stores,
anti-deaf hearing attitudes, etc. Can only happen in Great
Britain TV, but probably never in USA TV!


— the hated parking lot sign

Deaf people use the relay or on-line to order food
from a supermarket for their curbside pick ups.
And when deaf people arrive at the parking lot
there is a sign that says:


Bad enough when Covid-19 forces the deaf to use
unlipreadable masks let alone forcing them to
re-confirm 2 or 3 times after getting the first
confirmation of their supermarket order!


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