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DeafDigest – 20 May 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 20, 2020

— Hearing Lobbying; Deaf Lobbying

A group of top collegiate football teams spent $350,000 so far
in 2020 on lobbying costs in hoping to convince the members of
the Congress to support their football needs. Deaf groups certainly
cannot afford $350,000. Deaf groups can advocate, but cannot
lobby. A deaf organization hired a lobbyist years ago to
advocate (but not to lobby). Did it help? No.


— two grocery store face-mask incidents

DeafDigest editor went to two different grocery
stores yesterday. First one offered free parking
but must validate the parking ticket first. The
machine did not function, and so, a nearby clerk
(with facemask) was asked to help. The clerk
checked the machine and said (behind the facemask)
that all was OK. Upon being told of deafness,
the clerk immediately gestured thumbs up. Whew!

A purchase was made at the second grocery store;
the first clerk took the card to a machine. Almost
immediately the second clerk was asked to collect
the goods and gave the bag to the editor. It
was sort of confusing, leading the editor to think
a wrong bag (of different products) was given him.
Actually they were communicating with each other
(behind the masks). The first clerk was forced to
open up the bag to show the editor that these were
exactly what he ordered! All they had was to gesture
and they didn’t.


— the deaf and the chess

Do deaf people play chess? Yes, even though it is not
as popular in USA as it is elsewhere in the world.
Speed chess? Blitz chess? Slow chess? Yes, deaf people
play in all types of chess. It was mentioned in a
newspaper story today that a deaf woman did very well
in the World Deaf Blitz Chess Championship? Blitz?
Dunno what exactly it is as it is different from




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