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DeafDigest – 21 May 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 21, 2020

— at least $50,000 to make ADA people happy

ADA requires all web sites to be deaf-accessible
(captions and/or ASL). For years and years ADA
people did not enforce the captions/ASL needs.
Then two years ago the ADA people woke up.
As a result, small business owners that ignore
captions and/or ASL will be fined $50,000
and up – just to comply with the ADA rules!
Sad to say, for huge corporations, $50,000 is
just pennies to them!


— best way to make hearing neighbors love the deaf!

A deaf man was a handyman; he could fix anything
from lawn movers to leaky kitchen faucets. Hearing
neighbors that do not know how to use a hammer,
asked him for help. He never said no; as a result
he was much loved in the neighborhood! He was
always invited to private neighborhood parties
even though they couldn’t communicate with him.

— the ASL hobby

ASL as a hobby? Well, there have been many stories
in newspapers of bored hearing people, stuck at
home because of the Pandemic. They “learn” ASL
online and they love ASL because it seems so
easy. The sad thing is that when they come to
a deaf person they do not understand the ASL
that the deaf responds!


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