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DeafDigest – 27 May 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 27, 2020

— a reason learning ASL is difficult

There is a reason learning ASL is difficult.
In a newspaper interview, an interpreter said
that if one wants to learn Spanish, he can
go to Spain, but to learn ASL there is no
all-deaf ASL-signing nation.

That interpreter is correct.


— first time together for deaf and hearing

Many hearing employers have never met a deaf
person in their lives before hiring them.
And quite a few deaf people have never had
jobs in the past before being hired.
For both of them, it is a shared experience
to work together at a work place!


— Deaf agency happy with a TV episode of late-deaf character

DeafDigest has mentioned a couple of times about the
Ben Mitchell’s late-deafness character in British’s
widely popular EastEnders TV series. It was reported
that the producers asked The National Deaf Children’s
Society for advice to make the plot more realistic.
And that the deaf agency was happy the producers
listened to them. Could this happen to one of our
American TV producers, asking a deaf agency for
advice about deaf plots? Probably yes, probably no!



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