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DeafDigest – 28 May 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 28, 2020

— honoring our TV captions hero

Ask any deaf leader nowadays this question:

Who was Julius Barnathan?

Chances are high that no one has ever heard of
Julius Barnathan, even among deaf leaders in the
telecommunications field. He was not deaf, but
had the final say, during the late seventies,
on whether the TV programs on his ABC network
be captioned or not. It is a long story, but to
make it short, Mac Norwood, a deaf high level
administrator in federal government, was friends
with Julius Barnathan, and spent so many, many
hours trying to convince him on the importance
of TV captions. Barnathan, a top ABC engineer,
finally agreed to captions. Barnathan’s decision
forced the neutral NBC and the anti-captions
CBS to caption their programs. A story surfaced
about Barnathan yesterday at:

It is fun reading. Both Barnathan and
Norwood are deceased.


— a deaf school looking for a facemask option

No one likes the regular face mask. No one likes
the see-through mask because it sort of prevents
clear understanding of voice speech. A deaf CEO
of a deaf school is now on the search for a
better mask. He has been asking around, and
while he has not found anything satisfactory,
it still does not stop him from finding a
better solution. DeafDigest hopes the deaf
school will succeed, because the Deaf Community
will benefit greatly from it.


— more on The Congressional Deaf Caucus

DeafDigest mentioned a while ago about knowing
nothing about the Congressional Deaf Caucus.
It was learned that:

#1 – it was founded in 2013
#2 – most representatives are alumni members of Deaf Schools
#3 – original goal was to encourage members of congress to hire the deaf
#4 – Facebook likes on one posting was low
#5 – much attention was given to the ASL store at DC Starbucks
#6 – one co-chair is a Democrat, other co-chair is a Republican

Congressional Deaf Caucus helping the deaf in the long
run? Hope so, inasmuch as Democrats have always agreed
to disagree with the Republicans and vice versa.

DeafDigest thanks Howard Gorrell, who is deaf but
extremely knowledgeable on how politics work on the
Hill, for the above updates.


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