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DeafDigest – 29 May 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 29, 2020

— subtitled film bloopers

Subtitled movies is different from captioned
movies, yet it was reported in a newspaper
of these subtitled bloopers – such as
hoards instead of hordes and Van Dyke
instead of Van Dyck. This is strange
because subitling follows thes script
and is planned in advance, so different
from real time news!


— the facemask and the ADA

What happens if a deaf person, without a facemask,
enters Albertson supermarket, saying that ADA allows
them not to wear it (lip reading and facial expressions)?
ADA experts say Albertson has the right to refuse
them entrance – because of public safety. ADA’s title 3
says public health is more important than accomodating
a deaf person without a face mask.


— five actors, five missing senses

The Sci-Fi Adventure Film ‘Making Sense’ involves five
different actors, each with a missing sense – sight,
hearing, taste, touch and smell. The one without
hearing (deaf) is Taylor Gonzalez, who is a new
deaf actress.


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