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DeafDigest – 02 June 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 2, 2020

— fuzzy TV sound and blurred TV subtitles

DeafDigest mentioned a couple of times that
Ben, the leading character in the British
sitcom EastEnders, has become deaf. And that
the EastEnders producers wanted to introduce
Deaf Culture to the hearing viewers. As a
result, the sitcom last night showed fuzzy
TV sound and blurred TV subtitles. Of course,
the British hearing viewers were not too
pleased about it!


— walking through the riots with the shirt written deaf

A deaf resident of Washington, DC, making it a
point during the riots last night, had his white
shirt written “Deaf” on the front. Don’t know what
the hearing protesters had to say about this
unusual white shirt.


— our LSM signers

The deaf of Mexico use LSM, which means Mexican
Sign Language, properly titled as lengua de señas
mexicana. Our French friends up north in Quebec
use LSQ (Langue des signes québécoise or Langue des
signes du Québec).


Deaf jobs – latest update

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