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DeafDigest – 05 June 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 5, 2020

— sign language consultant with TV and movies

From time to time directors hire the deaf as
sign language consultants with TV, movies
and theater. Do consultants teach actors to
use sign language? Well, a sign language
consultant said she reads the script to
make sure deaf people understand it!


— deaf-friendly advice for shopkeepers

Many shops, stores and fast food places
are not deaf-friendly. Do these owners
get advice on getting their businesses
deaf-friendly? Do not know but there
was an advice written up in a newspaper
article to make businesses deaf-friendly.
Do these owners ask the deaf for advice?
Again, do not know!


— complaints about interpreting on TV

Deaf people are happy that TV news programs
are interpreted. Deaf people are also unhappy
that the signing is hard to read because of the
small box; that some interpreters wear face masks;
that interpreter are “cut” in half, only seeing
their face and hands. Also, interpreters placed
at end of stage instead of next to the speakers.


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