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DeafDigest – 08 June 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 8, 2020

— deaf man leads the Black Lives Matter march

Devin Grandberry, who is deaf, led the Black
Lives Matter march in North Platte (Nebraska),
a small city of 24,000 people. He said:

It’s a message many of us want to get across and
show the unity that can happen across the world,
not just in our community


— barber communications

A deaf female hairdresser communicates with
her hearing customers by showing pictures
of various hairstyles and asking them to
point to the one they want. Great, but
what about deaf barbers? The deaf barber
would point to sides and the back of the
head – and watch the customer respond –
with head nods or head shakes. The same
goes for beard – how should it be
trimmed. It works because he has been
doing that for years and customers keep
on coming to him.


— Washington state makes an exception for the deaf

The government of Washington has ordered all
employees to wear face masks effective today.
It has made an exception for deaf employees
becauce of invisible facial expressions and
invisible lips. Not sure why clear see-through
masks were not made part of the state ruling?


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