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DeafDigest – 10 June 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 10, 2020

— the hearing aid and the deaf

There was a report by one university research
team that 20 percent of people that have hearing
aids do not use this device. Does this include
deaf people that function as hearing? Or is
it mostly profoundly deaf people that do not
use hearing aids? Do not know.


— the deaf protester and the interpreter

Many deaf people have participated in the
national Black Lives Matter protests. For
them, there is a danger that many hearing
protesters (and even the police) are not
aware of. Interpreters accompany these
deaf protesters and the risk is that
in the mass crowding confusion, interpeters
get lost. This leaves the deaf protesters
at risk and jeopardy!


— Almost a Deaf Cigarette

Years ago, cigarettes were popular as smoking
was socially acceptable. Not any more, but
there is a tale associated with deaf chemist
Sterling White that just departed us. He
was a senior research chemist with the RJ Reynolds
Tobacco Company. He developed a new cigarette
prototype that tasted like a bubble gum. This
experiment failed because the “bubble gum”
cigarette would get spoiled fast sitting on the
store shelves!



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