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DeafDigest – 12 June 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 12, 2020

— the mask is a risk for one reason

People who wear behind-the-ear hearing aids
are taking a risk while wearing the mask!
When they take off the mask, the strings may
snag the hearing aid and pull it out. By the
time the user is aware the hearing aid is
missing, it may be too late to locate it
on the grounds.


— doctors that often disagree

Doctors often disagree. This is the reason why
many patients (both deaf and hearing) seek
second, and even third opinions. One doctor
may suggest cochlear implant while another
doctor may suggest hearing aid. Which doctor
is correct? Only the deaf patient will know
what is the best answer after researching
both sides.


— A state agrees and then breaks the agreement

Two years ago the Illinois Department of Corrections
reached agreement regarding deaf prisoners that
needed a 2nd hearing test if the first test failed
them. Yet, this agreement was not honored, forcing a
federal judge to punish the correction group once
more again. Very disappointing for the state to
mistreat the deaf prisoners.


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