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DeafDigest – 16 June 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 16, 2020

— The lucky Deaf West

The Deaf West Theatre operates on a $300,000
per year budget. The Pandemic forced cancellation
of their plays this year, forcing the management
to refund in full the tickets the patrons bought in
advance. Much to the management’s surprise
approximately 35 percent of these patrons donated
the refunds to the Deaf West treasury!


— simple advice from a job coach

A job coach that helps the deaf adjust to their
new jobs gave this advice for hearing employers –
just use simple English in their job training
manuals. Just avoid shop lingo in the manuals.


— CSL may have helped development of hearing language

A topic that fascinates linguists is the development
of human spoken (and written) language – way back
in these Cave Men days. It was suggested that CSL
may have helped speed up the development of the world’s
many, many languages. CSD? It is Cavemen Sign Language.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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