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DeafDigest – 17 June 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 17, 2020

— voice-activated supermarket shopping

There was an announcement that Carrefour,
a supermarket chain in France, would be
introducing a voice-activated shopping
device real soon. What about the deaf?
This issue wasn’t discussed in the press release,
as France does not have ADA!


— a mountain town sees deaf population grow

A hearing person that lives in Big Bear Lake,
a mountain town in California, said that
about 20 years ago only five deaf people
lived in the area. And that nowadays it
has grown to about 40 people. Interestingly
enough the hearing Big Bear Lake population
has dropped by 400 people between 2000 and
2010 census counts!


— closed captions: Microsoft Teams vs Google

There was a newspaper report, comparing the
Microsoft Teams captions with the Google
captions. Which captions are better? We
can ask the same question – which soft
drink is better – Coca Cola or Pepsi?
In other words, sort of equal quality


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