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DeafDigest – 19 June 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 19, 2020

— never on a Big Screen movie

There was a discussion among those that follow the
Marvel Cinematic Universe episodes and characters,
especially the deaf hero Echo aka May Lopez. It
was pointed out that the Echo character was
never shown on the Big Screen (meaning these
big movie theaters)! Do keep in mind that
Love Is Never Silent, starring Marlee Matlin,
was a Big Screen movie. But it was shown in
1985, which is 35 years ago.


— working so hard but so unpaid

It is assumed that interpreters that work the
press conferences that are shown on TV news
are paid for their work. It has come as quite
a big surprise that in one city, the
interpreters doing these press conferences are
unpaid! It is love of labor for them. Should
they be paid? Definitely, yes.


— good or bad judgement

A letter to the editor was titled –

Police don’t always have good judgment.

DeafDigest editor has always said that
despite many hours of training and
workshops and seminars on how to deal
with the deaf, some police officers
forget quickly what they were supposed
to learn. And if their workshop took
place 10-15 years ago, are they expected
to remember it all when they stop their
first deaf driver during traffic stops?


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