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DeafDigest – 22 June 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 22, 2020

— a shocking thing about a social networking provider

Twitter created an audio announcements of its tweets
as a way to help the hearing, but without helping
the deaf. What was the most shocking thing about it?
That when the deaf complained that these audio tweets
were not helping them, Twitter admitted the company
has no team of engineers working on disability
issues! All that in the day of these ADA lawsuits


— a favorite Hollywood tale

Hollywood has many great tales, but the favorite
one, that comes up from time to time, was the
hiring of ASL-speaking deaf man. His job was
important – to act as the go-between with his
boss and the outside world – media, agents,
directors, producers, etc. The boss was
comedian Bill Murray, because of his personal
issues, did not want to be bothered by
outsiders, and felt a deaf man would be the
perfect choice. This arrangement only lasted
two weeks – because Murray was frustrated
in not being able to communicate in ASL
with the deaf person! Crazy world, Hollywood?


— dangers of two people with the same name

During the sixties and seventies, there
were two deaf leaders both sharing the
same name – Gordon Allen. One was from
Texas and the other from Minnesota.
And the 1949 Gallaudet football team had
two quarterbacks with the same name –
Marvin Tuttle. One was from Iowa and the
other from North Carolina. And now
this – Mohammad Irfan, a deaf cricket
player from Pakistan passed away. There
were so much confusion among hearing fans
because there was a hearing cricket star
with the same name who was very much alive!


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