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DeafDigest – 23 June 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 23, 2020

— NAD deals with racism issues

Melissa S. Draganac-Hawk, the NAD president,
said in her  recent video that systemic racism must
be eliminated, while at the same time
affirming the association’s support for
National Black Deaf Advocates. This is an
important step for the Deaf Community.


— some hearing people struggle with simple gestures

A professor of ASL said that there may be common
gestures from the deaf that hearing people should
understand. They should, but there are always
some hearing people that just understand no
gestures at all! This is sad.


— bus drivers do not wear face masks

In one huge city, bus drivers do not wear
face masks. This is a public service for
deaf passengers that need to do lip reading.
This huge city is London. It is true, however,
that not every deaf person is an expert
lip reader.


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