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DeafDigest – 24 June 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 24, 2020

— interpreter walks away from prime minister’s speech

Hard to believe? Believe it or not? There was a newspaper
story in Great Britain that during prime minister Boris
Johnson’s speech, the interpreter just stopped interpreting
near the end and walked off the stage! The video of the
“walk away” was posted on the newpaper site but was
taken down. Did the interpreter actually walk away?
Or was it a hoax story? Good question!


— ADA-chasing attorney may be suspended

There was a newspaper story in Florida that a hearing
attorney worked with a deaf client to file many, many
ADA lawsuits. The Florida Bar has asked the state
high court to suspend that attorney and to levy
him with heavy fines. He worked with a deaf client
on many ADA lawsuits, splitting the victory money
between both of them. A example was filing lawsuits
against gas stations for not providing captions on
gas pumps!


— no notes, no interpreters, no texts

A designer, with an engineering company, said that
the only way to communicate with his hearing boss
and hearing designers was to draw designs on
a drawing pad. This method completely replaced
these options (notes, interpreters, texts)!


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