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DeafDigest – 26 June 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 26, 2020

— deaf in deaf roles or deaf in hearing roles

A deaf actress said in an interview that she
prefers to play hearing roles than to play
deaf roles, hoping it will be a trend.
This is a risk – more deaf roles for
deaf actors than hearing roles for
deaf actors!


Just announced is another Starbucks Deaf Cafe,
this time in Japan. It will be Starbucks’
5th Deaf Cafe. The first four are located
in Malaysia (two of them), China and
Washington, DC. More Deaf Cafes coming
up? There are none in New York, Rochester,
Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin and Fremont,
these high deaf-population areas.


— a past Deaf Hobby

A past Deaf Hobby was filling out newspaper
crossword puzzles. This hobby was popular among
some linotype operators who were deaf. They
would read (and type) all day at work, and
so filling out these crossword puzzles at
home was second nature to them. Not any
more these days.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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