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DeafDigest – 01 July 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 1, 2020

— a surprising story about the latest sign language glove

A sign language glove is nothing new. There are always
announcements from time to time on labs creating their
own latest sign language glove. But what was shocking was
the announcement that UCLA scientists came up with
their own sign language glove. The shocker was that
only just four deaf individuals were tested with that
glove the scientists were working on. Normally if one
wishes to develop or invent something, then the field
testing must involve much more than just four humans
being tested on! The Los Angeles area has many, many
deaf residents, so why just four?


— sign language user bumping into a street pole

We often hear of jokes of sign language users
bumping into street poles, not careful with
walking and signing. It is not a joke in Dublin,
as there were complaints of 300 street poles
in the city without signs, confusing hearing
pedestrians, drivers as well as deaf users
of sign language. Michéal Kelliher, who is
deaf and uses sign language, said these
“empty” poles are not a joke to them.


— sign language confusing a fake-deaf actress

A fake-deaf actress, selected for a deaf role
in a movie, is fluent in three spoken languages.
Sign language is not one of these languages.
Anyway she was supposed to use sign language
in a movie scene and she struggled to keep
her knowledge of sign language apart from
her three fluent languages. It took several
takes before the scene was done right.


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