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DeafDigest – 02 July 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 2, 2020

— dangers of a future sign language glove

DeafDigest brought up the UCLA sign language glove
only being tested by four deaf people. There
was a newspaper headline that said that over 1,000
spoken words may accidentally turn on a voice device
such as Alexa and Siri. Well, how many wrong sign language
gestures could accidentally turn on a sign language glove!


— Oscar has 819 new voters

With the goal of diversity in mind, Oscar has invited
819 new voters. Approximately 45 percent are women,
and 36 percent are non-white. What percentage of
new members are deaf? Zero percentage, and it is


— Drive-in movie thoughts

A DeafDigest subscriber, who is an avid
movie-goer, gave his thoughts regarding
captioned or non-captioned drive-in
theaters. Issues were – would captioning
glasses work through the car windshield?
Could he eat his popcorn at the same time
handle the captioning box? Are these
captioning devices cleaned up (Covid-19)?
The wide-length drive-in screen may not
possible work with the glasses? He has
a suggestion – bring own iPhone and the
theater could provide a “Guest Wifi
Theater Channel” but would these
theater owners go for it? And if
open captions are forced on them,
these theaters could just go out of
business just to avoid the hassles of ADA


Deaf jobs – latest update

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