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DeafDigest – 03 July 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 3, 2020

— creating a sign language dictionary

It is never that easy to create a sign language
dictionary. The reason is local and regional
dialects. Even in USA, there are as many as
half dozen signs for the word – computer!
In one nation, a team of 100 sign language
people from 60 different cities and regional
areas met together to agree on best signs
for each important word or important phrase.


— boycotting Facebook

Facebook is being boycotted by a number of
huge corporations. Any deaf-related corporations
boycotting Facebook? There was a short newspaper
story of a small hearing aid company boycotting
Facebook. That company admitted that by joining
the boycott they would lose exposure – because
it is so small that most people have never
heard of it!


— Heavy Equipment operator

Hunter Flower, who is deaf, graduated at the top
of his class at the North Country Heavy Equipment School
in Michigan. The instructors used gestures to communicate
with him during these heavy equipment field drills.
Plus they installed a flashing signaler inside his cabin
so that he would just stop the machine if there were
issues. The newspaper story did not say if he found a
job at a construction site. Hope he did.


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