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DeafDigest – 06 July 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 6, 2020

— if video movie has no sound

If a hearing person watches a video movie
and there is no sound, then what to do?
There were 9 suggestions; the last
suggestion was this – turn on the captions.
DeafDigest editor has this question – what
happens if captions do not work (or is terribly


— first accessible fast food place

Americans grab their food at fast food places
(and eat on the go). Sheetz, a popular gas station/
fast food chain in the eastern parts of USA came
up with touch screen menus in 1995. The ADA
was signed into law in 1990. Was ADA the reason
for Sheetz’s touch screens or was it set up
to make things easier for the hearing (while
at the same time, making things much, much
easier for the deaf).


— our Deaf Astronauts

Our Deaf Astronauts? A joke? No. A research paper
was written by two linguists and published
in a European Space Agency journal. It said
that linguistics could become an issue during
space travel. These writers suggested that
sign language could be used to overcome linguistic
issues. This is where, DeafDigest suggests, that
we train deaf individuals to become astronauts!


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