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DeafDigest – 07 July 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 7, 2020

— four cats that help the deaf

DeafDigest mentioned a while ago that cats may help
the deaf. A DeafDigest subscriber has four cats, and
they all raise their heads when there is noise
coming from the outside. And they also raise their
heads when people walk up the stairs. So, dogs do
help the deaf, so do the cats.


— city council compares captioning options

In a medium-sized town, the city council has
decided to caption its meetings. Three
options were brought up.

#1 – captions from a public domain app? It cannot
be livestreamed and has errors, and speaker
identification is not shown.

#2 – captions from a provider at a very low cost?
It has errors, and voice speech sometimes shows
dirty words!

#3 – captions from another provider, cost much
higher than #2 option? 95 percent accuracy rate
with speaker identification; the longer the
meeting the higher the cost!

The city council, upon recommendation from a
local deaf agency, recommended #3


— preferred accomodation vs reasonable accomodation

A deaf employee preferred live interpreter; the employer
preferred video interpreting. The deaf employee filed
a lawsuit. The jury agreed with the employee with a
$775,000 award. The 11th Circuit Appeals court
disagreed and threw out the case, making Costco,
the defendant, the winner, saying employer can
provide reasonable accomodations. Next step –
the Supreme Court, which almost just rarely takes on
deaf cases?


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