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DeafDigest – 08 July 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 8, 2020

— Walmart may offer something free that is not deaf-friendly

Walmart is seriously thinking of offering free drive-in
movies at their own parking lots. Open captions for
the deaf? This matter was not discussed in their
announcement. Walmart is sometimes good to the deaf;
Walmart is sometimes not good to the deaf. We shall
see if their free drive-ins are open captioned!


— deaf trying to open combination lock safes

There was a story that hearing people, with superior
sense of hearing, can open up combination lock safes,
after listening for these clicks. This story also said
this method will not work for the deaf. DeafDigest
has known of deaf locksmiths. Are they able to open
up these safes?


— percentage wars

We have many tech groups trying to develop sign
language gloves, possibly each thinking their
such glove is the only one of its kind in the
world! One would say their glove is 98 percent
accurate; another one would say their glove is
99 percent accurate, and so on. Percentages?
Is it possible that the one saying it is 98
percent accurate may say it is 99 percent accurate
on their next testing, and also those saying
99 percent may go down to 98 percent, too.



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