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DeafDigest – 10 July 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 10, 2020

— ADA’s boss

Who is ADA’s boss? It is not a person but
a small federal agency – the National Council on
Disability (NOD). This agency is supposed to be
independent, meaning no other agency can boss it!
NOD said, in a statement:

Everything we do is about ADA. That’s who we are


— audios on NFL team websites, no captions

Many of us root for our NFL teams.

All NFL teams have their own web sites. The
video audios are not captioned.

ADA violation? Possibly, but do read on.

DeafDigest editor contacted one NFL
team about their non-captioned audios.

The NFL team responded, saying that:

#1 – the team discussed it with the NFL Digital staff

#2 – the team has no control over captions as the
NFL digital group handles it (for all 32 teams)

#3 – the digital group told the team it takes
24-72 hours for captions to appear on a video.

#4 – the NFL team told the digital people that
the 24-72 hour wait is not acceptable.

#5 – that NFL team looked at its own audios and
learned that all were not captioned at all.

#6 – the NFL team promised to follow this up with
the league. A suggestion was hiring a third party
vendor that provides captions. Would the NFL
headquarters permit it?

Just stay tuned.


— Sign Language announcement interrupting a hearing TV movie

People that watch many TV programs are used to
these “interruptions” – but there is a twist.
The program “There She Goes” was suddenly
interrupted by an announcement of an upcoming
sign language program. Not in USA but in
Great Britain. Very embarrassing for these
British TV producers!


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