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DeafDigest – 14 July 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 14, 2020

— costly to change a deaf name

The Washington team in the NFL will be changing its name.
How much would it cost the team to change the name – logos,
colors, stationery, business cards, video images, legal
issues, etc? More than millions of dollars! In the late
seventies, the NAD was asked about a name change. The
NAD business manager warned that the costs would be over
$10,000 to complete name change. It was “pennies” at
that time but nowadays, costs would be much higher!


— Slack or Zoom

Slack? It is an app that is almost the same as
Zoom. A deaf social service agency is using
Slack, and said it is just as good as Zoom.
Helps the deaf stay in touch with each other
during this Pandemic.


— ADA is a law or ADA is a right

A disability advocate said:

ADA not just a law but a right

ADA has become a law because of bad
attitudes among many people that would not
give the deaf and the disabled these
opportunities (jobs, education, social
services, captions, etc).


Deaf jobs – latest update

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