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DeafDigest – 15 July 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 15, 2020

— Dancer, Model and now Actor

Nyle DiMarco, who won top honors with Dancing with
the Stars with Next Top Model, is now moving to a big
challenge – starring in a comedy program, about life as
a Deaf Person. Will this lead to a third big honor –
an Oscar?


— an interesting career

A deaf woman, who passed away recently, was
written up in an obit as – having worked
on the management levels of a supermarket
chain (Hannaford Stores) and with some
restaurant chains. Many deaf people work
in supermarkets and restaurants but only
just a very few work on the management levels.
Keep in mind managers often deal with
customer complaints!


— aging and clunky equipment

A newspaper story said that the TTY was
aging and clunky. This is partly correct.
Model 15 machines were clunky. The
portable digital TDD machines are
aging but not clunky. These digital
devices were easy to carry around.



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