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DeafDigest – 16 July 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 16, 2020

— freelance interpreter vs full time employed interpreter

Which is better for an interpreter? Go freelance or
work as full time interpreter for an employer?
This is a decision that interpreters need to make
for themselves. A freelance interpreter said he
decides on cost for his services, sets his own
interpreting hours and selects (or rejects)
clients, but the disadvantage is the need to
maintain accurate income records for tax


— veterinarians that know ASL

There was a story of veterinarians that learn sign
language to communicate with deaf clients that own
dogs and/or cats. Not in USA, but in Great Britain.
We have a few deaf veterinarians in USA, but probably
too far and too few in between. A sick animal is
not interested in ASL but in getting quick veterinary


— deaf characters for hearing gamers

Hearing gamers are only interested in winning
their own games against their own competitors.
Do they care if the video characters are hearing
or deaf? Well, it was learned that GRIP Combat Racing
has a video game that involves disabled and deaf
characters. This is probably a first with these
video games!


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