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DeafDigest – 17 July 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 17, 2020

— a deaf man on History Channel’s “The uneXplained”

Lidell Simpson, who is deaf, will appear on
History Channel on the The uneXplained program.
He will discus synesthesia, a brain and a nervous
system that messes up with the five senses
(touch, taste, sound, sight, and smell).
While he is deaf, the four other senses
rings up weird sounds in his head!
He does not use ASL, and functions as a
hearing person.


— list of ADA modifications

A newspaper story said a building has these
ADA modifications – disability signs, hallway handrails,
entrance ramps to buildings, accessible seating,
door handles, restrooms and parking spots. What
about stuff for the deaf (flashing signalers, digital
read outs, interpreters, captions, etc)? The
story did not mention things for the deaf!
Very strange.


— Gally is the name of a new zoo animal

The National Zoo, in Washington, DC has welcomed two
new animals – both American bison. The Smithsonian
has asked Gallaudet and Howard University to name
their own Bison. Gallaudet named its own bison as Gally!
Why Howard? For some reason both universities have
the same name – Bison as their mascots. Yes, Gallaudet
and Howard have played each other in some sports in
the past – and it was a matter of Bison vs Bison.


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