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DeafDigest – 20 July 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 20, 2020

— art museum curator is deaf

Liza Sylvestre, who is deaf, is the curator of the
Krannert Art Museum on the campus of University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign. DeafDigest editor does not see
too many, if any, curators, especially in museums,
that are deaf but she is it. Most important of all
she works with heads of academic departments to
make them understand that the deaf can do anything
despite inability to hear.


— using app to communicate with a deaf patient

a deaf patient stopped by a medical clinic.
The medical assistant, who knew no sign
language, quickly went to a sign language
app to pick up signs to communicate with the
deaf patient. The medical assistant said
it was successful, but was it really a
success? It is much easier with expressive
sign language but very difficult with
receptive sign language!


– a joke or not a joke

A newspaper writer wrote this joke:
He could talk the ears off of a deaf man

Hearing people may laugh at this “joke” but
this is not a laughing matter for the deaf.
No deaf person likes to be trapped into
an unlipreadable talk by a hearing person
where there is no “escape” from it. This
has happened too many times with the DeafDigest
editor over the years, at places of work,
at employment interview sessions, in the
hall ways of buildings, at parties, etc.


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