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DeafDigest – 24 July 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 24, 2020

— Deaf Chocolate-maker and the Pandemic

Ross Demars, who is deaf, is an assistant Chocolate Maker
at the Champlain Islands Candy Lab in Vermont. His boss
has been giving him chocolate-making lessons and tips
beginning from the day he was hired. The Pandemic shut
down the shop, and it has just re-opened. Very difficult
to communicate with face masks and with clear face masks.
Since then it has been a struggle but no one is giving up.


— a Deaf Karen

Karen is a new nickname for older women that create problems
over small issues and ask for police assistance. Daily newspapers
have run stories on these Hearing Karens. A Deaf Karen? A
deaf woman wanted to order pizza but without her facemask.
She was told by employees to put on her mask and she has
refused. It went on back and forth with her claiming that
ADA does not require her to wear masks. Fortunately, without
calling the police, she agreed to have the pizza delivered
to her vehicle. Hope this is the last Deaf Karen story
we will read about.


— a legislator cannot locate disappeared Deaf Bills

Rep. Mark Pearson, New Hampshire, introduced two Deaf
Bills, both of which was passed in the state House and
then sent to the Senate. No one in the Senate knows what
happened to these two Deaf Bills. Was it killed? Was it
bundled into a bigger, but unrelated bills? Or was it
“lost” somewhere? Legislator Pearson is not too happy
about it!


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